Decluttering | Downsizing | Rightsizing

Age: 82
Occupation: Retired Artist
Location: Michigan

Patricia had moved to a new condominium. Her guest bedroom was supposed to be a studio so she could continue her art, but instead it turned into a storage room during the move. She tried several times to get rid of things on her own, but for some reason she wouldn’t get very far.

Patricia hired Heidi with Life Easier for four hours to jump start her decluttering process. Not only did Patricia get rid of a ton of stuff that day, but is continuing to work with Life Easier on a monthly basis.

Patricia’s Google Review

Heidi Roed penetrated my resistance to getting rid of my hoard of art materials in my studio. Her interview addressed my reluctance to part with any of it and her “hands on” work with tangible objects framed a process for my continuing. Heidi found a rare art and scraps re-purposing organization, mostly for schools, where my discards would find new life. Her enthusiasm and serious comprehension of my 60 year career winding down made this beginning a rich experience. I’m eager for us to continue with the next phase.