Senior Move Management & Downsizing

Age: 73
Occupation: Retired Small Business Owner
Location: NoDa, Charlotte, NC 28205

Judy planned to downsize from her home to a smaller condo. The Life Easier, LLC team worked with her to handle the logistics, to get her records organized, and, more importantly, to preserve the memories of year’s of treasured items belonging to her and her late husband.

I had planned to downsize and move from my home to a smaller condo. Less maintenance, less stuff, new roommate, one level, and, hopefully, a happier life. It seemed so simple. I got the real estate agent to sell my house, I had picked out the condo I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t figure out where to start on downsizing the house. My daughters live far away, and I didn’t want to ask them for help. I needed to go thru my stuff, get rid of what I didn’t want anymore, pack, hire movers, unpack and settle in. I wanted to do it myself. Yet here I was looking at shelves of my books, papers, clothes, photos, makeup, kitchen items, my now adult children’s artwork, etc. and simply wanting to go to bed. So I called Heidi with Life Easier.

We started off slowly in small time slots which then became longer as I got more comfortable with the process. We went thru the house over several weeks as my emotional energy would allow. Heidi and her team removed charitable donations, dropped them off, and returned the donation receipts to me. They packed up what I wanted to keep.

Heidi helped me organize my personal, financial and estate documents. Whether it was social security statements or bank deposit slips we went thru them. She helped me whittle paperwork down to only the most vital documentation. She and her assistant brought a high volume shredder to my home and shredded hundreds of pages of old business papers and my late husband’s estate documents.

My husband died 10 years ago. I didn’t realize how much of his things I had put into storage containers, shoved into the outdoor shed, a closet or sprinkled throughout the house. There were sessions where I shed tears. Some things I needed a day or two to get comfortable with the idea of giving up. Some items I had to part with that frankly I just couldn’t continue to bring to the condo. I felt tremendous guilt. Heidi guided me through the emotional process sometimes holding my hand, giving me a hug or a high five. There were days we just talked about certain items and why I felt how I felt. She put things into perspective for me and lessened my pain when it came to parting with my things. She had a talent for helping me deal with the emotions, distill my feelings for my husband and how to best represent them in my new home.

I didn’t expect some of the life events that happened during this time between putting my home up for sale and moving. My roommate became hospitalized and later died. It was lonely. Heidi would come and we’d sit eating pastries and drinking coffee before getting started. We had many many laughs.

When my real estate agent sent over the legal documents for both the sale of my home and the purchase of my condo, I was a bit lost. She read thru my contracts and went paragraph by paragraph helping me understand exactly what I was signing. Heidi explained to me how to electronically sign the documents on my computer as well.

When I was involved in a car accident (not my fault), Heidi helped me. She drove me to the tow yard to photograph the car and walked thru the accident at the scene a few days after it happened. She put a PowerPoint document together explaining how the accident happened with maps, arrows and photos. She let me make my statement while typing it into the form that my insurance company required me to fill out. My insurance agent, who was not familiar with the nuances of the street signage where the accident occurred, said “99% of the people don’t do this work. This information is fantastic!”

On the day of the move, I was packed. She took control handling the movers and their activities while I was able to go on to my new condo. Once there we directed where boxes needed to be placed and she got my essentials unpacked with lightning speed. She and her employee came over the next morning to set up the TV’s, help hang my artwork and put finishing touches on the decorating. I’m just thrilled!

The experience with Life Easier, Heidi and her employees was wonderful.