Decluttering & Organization

Five stars all day! Heidi and Lisa completely overhauled my disaster of a garage in just one day. Now it’s got dual functions — I have a workout room and a place to do projects, where it used to be a pit of despair. They did the bulk of the work, and I only had to make decisions about what to toss, keep, donate or give to friends. I was nervous getting started that they’d pressure me to give my things away, but they didn’t — they just helped me see everything I actually had and make smart decisions about what to hold on to. I highly recommend Life Easier and can’t wait to hire them to tackle my kitchen! 🙂

Christen’s Google Review
Location: Brynmoor Subdivision, University City, Charlotte, NC 28269

Christen and her husband live a packed life in their home north of Charlotte. Both work full time jobs. They have second jobs in the photography field, four dogs and lots and lots of passions. Gardening, home improvement, painting, birds, music, video games…you name they love it. When you walk into their home, the zest for life comes out in vibrant colors they painted on their home’s walls and the easy laughter that comes when we talked with them. They are just so fun!!!! There are two passions they don’t have – decluttering and organizing. Christen invited Life Easier to come to her home to help repurpose her garage. All of their passion projects required tools, paint, accessories, equipment and hardware which took up precious space. Christen needed and wanted a gym. So Life Easier found a way to make the garage work in two different ways – one side of the garage became the supply/storage area for home improvement and the other side was a roomy gym in which Christen could relax after a long day of work.