“I’m paralyzed with indecision”, she said. It’s not the first time we’ve heard those words. At Life Easier we understand the dread that can come with the daunting task of moving.

Even behind her COVID mask, we could see what she was feeling, we could sense what she was going to say. She sat on the edge of her couch smooshed up against the armrest; her shoulders were rolled forward, knees held tightly together, and though her face was shrouded in delicate fabric, her eyes spoke loudly of exhaustion and sadness. We’ve seen that look before; exhausted, overwhelmed, and paralyzed with the indecision of what to do with it all.

As a successful executive, a caregiver to her father, community volunteer and devoted wife, she had her hands full and had run out of steam. Her project was not unlike many others we’ve seen in the past; closets and drawers filled with items brought home over the years. Rather than tackle the overwhelming job of sorting through it all, it was easier to just avoid it. Now facing a big move, she and her husband were finally going to have to “face” all their stuff. They needed to form a game plan for how to move and coordinate all the elements associated.

That’s when a friend of hers, a former Life Easier Senior Move Management client, recommended calling us – and so she did.

The biggest, hardest, scariest piece was the decluttering part and not knowing where to start. “I can’t even make a decision between two different glasses! It’s so stupid.” As experienced move managers, we reassured her saying, “It’s not stupid at all, in fact it’s completely normal in your situation.” “We’ll get through this, we have a plan.”

At that moment she needed to know she’s not alone. She needed to hear that how she’s feeling is quite normal. She needed to understand that today, we’re going to make her life easier.

We tackled the simple areas that first day; closets and home décor, and by the end of the day she had a car FULL of items to donate. It turns out, she wasn’t paralyzed or indecisive at all; rather she just needed a custom plan, a team of experts with a proven process to get the job done quickly and painlessly, as well as some encouragement along the way.

By the end of the day, she stood a little taller and said, “I’m so energized! I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Don’t let your stuff paralyze you! Call Life Easier and let us help you through the process. We offer a FREE, no pressure consultation – just call 704.905.3223!