The King Sister’s Google Review

“Life Easier is the best! We never would have finished cleaning out my Dad’s house without her! It would have take us years and she helped us finish in less than a month! Heidi and her team are extremely aware of how hard this process is emotionally and they make it so much easier than trying to do it yourself! I highly recommend Life Easier, and will definitely use them again for my own house!”

Location: Foxcroft Neighborhood, Charlotte, NC

When the King sisters hired Life Easier to perform the estate clean out services for their parents’ 4,400 square foot home, it was the end of a long journey. The sisters had tag teamed as care givers for first their mother and, after she passed away, then later their father. After Mr. King passed away, the sisters were out of gas. Facing immense grief at the loss of their father and having spent the last of their emotional energy organizing the funeral and sending the obligatory thank you notes.

They decided they needed help with what was going to be the emotional journey through their family’s past. You see their parents had not done much decluttering or downsizing over the years. Many of the rooms were as they had been left and memories consumed the sisters. Life Easier was there to escort, coordinate and execute the entire clean out of the house.

Moving at a pace that worked for the sisters and paid respect to their need to grieve in their own time, it still only took 12 days.