Location: Michigan

With very little time and a limited budget, the Thompson family needed move management help. More specifically they needed help getting started and, since it had been several years from their last move, they needed assistance with planning the moving process. Life Easier was able to jump start their move and they were able to take over from there.

Thompson Family Google Review

“My wife and I are both 45 with two children. After taking a job in another city and needing to report to work right away, my wife was a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of decluttering our basement, getting the house ready for sale and things packed away for the move without me. My wife wanted to manage the entire move end to end, but she needed help in getting started, strategizing and prepping the house for real estate photos and the MLS listing. We hired Heidi with Life Easier LLC to do the following over the course of four days

  • Removed all toys from our downstairs playroom, sorted out donations for charity, packed them into Rubbermaid bins, and put them into the garage for our future move.
  • Moved any excess furniture and keepsakes from our basement and into our storage unit two miles away.
  • Removed and sorted all household chemicals into storage bins for future moving.
  • Assisted in moving a picnic table from our backyard into our garage.
  • Loaded and dropped off all donations to charity. She logged all donated items and provided receipts from each charitable drop off.
  • Provided home staging ideas and assisted with moving furniture.
  • Offered ideas for how to engage our children in the decluttering and moving process that we will be able to use even after our move.
  • Vacuumed, removed trash and general cleaning assistance prior to the real estate photos being taken.

Like any couple with young kids, we have accumulated things in our home. Heidi did not judge us for what we had, but she did offer ideas for how to manage all of our stuff. She’s a real problem solver and provided us with a variety of options to choose from as we came upon decisions we needed to make. Her help was a real relief and huge time savings for us. Definitely recommend Life Easier LLC’s services!”