Senior Move Management

Moving from one home to another is stressful. When you call Life Easier to help with your move, we handle the process from start to finish. We operate as project managers executing a personalized plan, customized to fit your needs, to help make the transition into your new home as smooth as possible and eliminate your stress.

Who needs this service?

Our services are offered to clients who are 55 and older and who plan to move from their existing home into a new residence, such as their dream home, shared family home, apartment, condo, independent living facility, assisted living, or nursing home.

What We Do

After meeting with you and your family to determine how we can best serve you, we begin putting your personalized plan into action.

At Your Current Home

  • We schedule vendors including real estate agents, home stagers, estate sellers, junk haulers, charities, movers, pest-control businesses, trash collection, and cleaning companies.
  • Our specialty is decluttering and compassionately working with you to preserve your life’s memories without having to keep the actual physical possessions associated with those memories. We help to right-size your physical possessions to fit the new space and life you want to lead going forward. Our team helps you identify your much-loved possessions and categorizes what will be given away to family members or local charities.
  • We partner with you to design a layout for your new home.

At Your New Home

  • We unpack boxes and set up furniture to match the layout we designed with you prior to the move occurring.
  • We will hang artwork on the walls.
  • From the beginning, we organize and stage your belongings to help you enjoy your home from the very first moment you set foot inside.
  • We remove and dispose of all trash and recyclables.

Donate, Trash, Recycle, and Give Away

  • For those items that can be given to others, we assist with delivering, packing, and shipping items to your designated family members or local charities. We will even provide you with a tax receipt for your donation.
  • While movers can be scheduled to do much of the packing, the Life Easier team can provide packing materials and assist with any pre-packing ahead of the official move date.
  • We will connect with partner organizations to recycle as many of your items that you decide should be disposed of, keeping items out of our community landfills as much as possible.

Your Loved One’s Emotional Health

Sometimes, we encounter individuals who may be experiencing some additional emotional concerns. If you are wondering if you or your loved ones may be dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, or other concerns including hoarding issues, it’s ok.  We compassionately handle those situations too.

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We’re ready to help you and your family decide how to make your next move the best one you’ve made yet!