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Insurance Marketing Representative

Retired Artist

D.P.'s Testimonial

D.P. has a full schedule. Besides working a full time job, she spends her evenings working out at the gym, playing in local tennis leagues, and spending time with family and friends at events around the city. Even though she needs to, she doesn’t have time to clean out her garage. That’s when she reached out to Life Easier. D.P. expected the project to take six hours, but with Life Easier’s help it only took two.

D.P.’s Google review says:

I needed my garage organized and cleaned out and Heidi of Life Easier was able to help with that. She was thorough and thoughtful in her approach and made a difficult task manageable and fun! The most helpful aspect was her taking charitable items away that day that could be used or given to other non-profits. I highly recommend using Heidi especially when you need help in making your Life Easier!