Business Owner

Originally from the Detroit metro area of Michigan, Heidi has lived in Charlotte nearly 17 years.  Her mother’s family hails from the Mississippi Delta and her father’s family is from Sandefjord, Norway.  Her mother, Georgia, was an elementary education music teacher and her father, Finn, was a high school English and American Literature teacher.  Finn passed away due to complications from a simultaneous stroke and heart attack in 2019.

Heidi earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University.  While working her first full time job for General Electric, Heidi took classes at night and on weekends graduating from Wake Forest University with her master’s degree in business administration.

After spending 20 years in Corporate America as a trouble shooter in a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Retail and Trash/Recycling, a health scare caused Heidi to re-evaluate her non-stop professional life.

In August of 2018 she started Life Easier LLC with the intent of helping people just like her try to find balance while also creating a more healthy and sustainable life for herself.

Besides her formal education, Heidi is a member of the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM).  Heidi takes required continuing education classes through that organization to maintain her membership.  NASMM also sets the ethical standards by which all Senior Move Managers (SMM’s) work in the industry.  She supplements her formal education and training with education through PESI, mentorships she has set up with fellow NASMM members, and reading books on decluttering, downsizing, organizing, trauma, depression, hoarding disorder and senior care in her spare time. Life Easier LLC has evolved into what it is today: an empathetic, sympathetic, and compassionate company that supports and cares for its clients.

Heidi has spent much of her life in the role of part time caregiver to parents, grandparents and aging family friends.  Currently she is a part time caregiver to her 81 year old mother who lives with Ovarian Cancer.  Heidi has firsthand experience working with family and clients suffering from grief, anxiety (GAP), depression (MDD), ADD, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, OCD, hoarding disorder, and recovering alcoholics.  She has family members who struggle with hoarding disorder and Heidi has dedicated a large portion of her professional life working to break the cycle of hoarding disorder with her clients.  She’s quick with a hug and thoroughly enjoys empowering her clients to embrace minimalism and prepare for the next stage of their lives.

When she’s not with her extended family of clients and friends, Heidi spends her downtime reading and, if she’s lucky enough to get away, she will disappear into national forest backcountry hiking, fly fishing or backpacking.


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