Susan Bulloch Decluttering & Senior Move Management


I am a happy customer of Life Easier. I am 60+ years old and am helping a friend navigate having Parkinson's Disease. She needed to downsize, and as the last of her generation, ended up with Two generations of family belongings. We hired Life Easier to help her sort through and dispose of these memories.

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Will Ratliff Estate Clean Out


My wife and I are in our mid-forties and my mother recently suffered a hospitalization. She unfortunately was not able to come back home and was placed in a long term care facility. We were working on trying to clean out her apartment. Things were going slow as we were overwhelmed taking care of her other health and financial matters. To make is worse we got a call from the apartments letting us know that her lease was up!

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Get Used to Space


Whether it’s a TV show, a blurb in a magazine or newspaper, or your adult children uttering the words “MOM!  Just get rid of it!”, the idea of decluttering and reducing the things we own has caught fire.  Everywhere you turn there’s a tip, a hack or a new special container that promises to “create space” and keep you organized.

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Elena’s Decluttering & Moving Story


Small business owner and life coach, Elena Arecco Bridgmon, balances her businesses Epic Life Coaching LLC and Luscious Mother, her family including two tween daughters, her full time job, her parents who live with her, and her friends, hobbies and trying to squeeze some minute form of self-care.

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Melissa’s Decluttering & Organization Story


I contacted Life Easier, LLC to help me de-clutter and get organized in preparation for a new house move. I am 50, had lived in the same house for 17 years, and have a demanding job and parent with long-term illness, so there was lots of declutter work to do. Heidi and her team (Carey and Margaret) did an outstanding job getting me ready to move.

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