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How Life Easier Began…

When it's tough to face stuff, you need Heidi Roed and her team.

Our Story

Heidi Roed is an experienced businesswoman who stepped away from her 20-year career in Corporate America to turn her passion for helping people into her life’s work. After receiving her certification from the National Association of Senior Move Managers, Heidi committed herself to helping people downsize and organize their lives by opening Life Easier LLC. With Life Easier LLC, Heidi can finally ease major burdens facing women of all ages from the demands of never-ending care for their spouses, families and friends.

For her senior clients, Life Easier LLC exists to meet the needs of homeowners who must navigate through a house full of a lifetime of possessions, either theirs or a loved one’s belongings. After deaths and illnesses of multiple family members, Heidi recognized a problem existed for those who must manage another person’s life and their own: too much stuff. And within all of that stuff are memories containing absolute joy, laughter, heartache, grief, regret, guilt and love among many others. That downsizing process moving from one phase of life to the next can be a tidal wave of emotions many underestimate the effect of. Handling another person’s life requires significant compassion, organization and equanimity, and those are often the first casualties when someone tries to downsize their home when their children are saying “oh just trash it Mom!” or against a move in date to an assisted living center with far less space.

Heidi excels at bringing order to chaos while escorting her clients through the emotional process of facing their past. She pays homage to who the people are, finds a way to contain the essence of their memories and encourages them how to also be excited and hopeful for their future.

For younger clients who are simply trying to manage jobs, kids, life, etc, Heidi has found that too much stuff often clutters and strains lives – no matter what age one is. She can help declutter, aid them in their quest to achieve minimalism, counsel clients on organization going forward and put in place systems and storage solutions that allow families of any size to maintain well after a project is complete.

Heidi’s company is more than just a business to her; Heidi is dedicated and passionate about helping others manage their stuff. Inspired by her personal experiences with caregiving, Heidi is driven to meet the needs of homeowners and their families who must manage despite the overwhelming strain and stress that getting older brings.

Life Easier LLC’s list of services cover the following events that trigger the need for decluttering and organization: individuals who want to age in place or those downsizing whether as a general lifestyle change or for older adults transitioning to assisted living, nursing home, family home or apartment.

When it’s time to face stuff, you want Heidi Roed by your side.