Christen’s Decluttering and Organization Story

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“Five stars all day! Heidi and Lisa completely overhauled my disaster of a garage in just one day. Now it’s got dual functions — I have a workout room and a place to do projects, where it used to be a pit of despair. They did the bulk of the work, and I only had to make decisions about what to toss, keep, donate or give to friends."

J Tsangaris

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Heidi is AMAZING!!! She helped my frazzled self getting on tasks & staying on them. Helped me organize home from our out of state move. Having a toddler & being pregnant/having new born her focus on how to help our lives “now” was right on with meal planning, portioning & prepping along with organizing the laundry room and office mess was indispensable and incredibly helpful during a difficult transition point in our lives. Heidi made it Easier.

Patricia’s Story

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Heidi Roed penetrated my resistance to getting rid of my hoard of art materials in my studio. Her interview addressed my reluctance to part with any of it and her “hands on” work with tangible objects framed a process for my continuing. Heidi found a rare art and scraps re-purposing organization, mostly for schools, where my discards would find new life.

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