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J. Tsangaris


Occupation: Stay at Home Mom

Occupation: Geoscientist for the Oil and Gas Industry

J's Testimonial

J. is a stay home mom who moved with her husband and 2 year old while pregnant with her second child to Charlotte. After giving birth, she was struggling with managing her family, running the household, unpacking, and giving herself a little “me” time. J hired Heidi with Life Easier on multiple occasions to organize documents for their tax filings, unpacking and setting up their kitchen, cleaning, organizing and taming the laundry room and organizing her home office.

At times J needed personal services as well. For example, one day she needed a shower and there was no one to take the baby so Heidi stepped in to change diapers, feed and burp, and cuddle Baby R until J could return to take over. Another time she was stressing about her over stuffed refrigerator and what to cook for dinner. Life Easier steps in where ever the client needs us.

J. Tsangaris’ Google review says:

Heidi is AMAZING!!! She helped my frazzled self getting on tasks & staying on them. Helped me organize home from our out of state move. Having a toddler & being pregnant/having new born her focus on how to help our lives “now” was right on with meal planning, portioning & prepping along with organizing the laundry room and office mess was indispensable and incredibly helpful during a difficult transition point in our lives. Heidi made it Easier.