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Mrs. M.


Corporate Executive

Mrs. M's Testimonial

Mrs. M was working full time as a corporate executive when her husband fell ill. Years of successful rehabilitation expanded Mr. M’s physical abilities allowing him to go back to work with a little help from Mrs. M. His work colleagues would help with the rest. The walk in master closet was packed full of so many things that the door could not be opened fully. There was only a square patch of carpet that one could stand on in the doorway while trying to see into the closet. Everything was piled high and deep.

It needed to be decluttered and reorganized to accommodate his physical limitations including his walking with a cane. He wanted to be as independent as possible. However, the closet also had to accommodate Mrs. M’s need to efficiently and quickly be able to find and pack his things. Mrs. M had other decluttering projects she wanted to tackle herself, but this was the biggest one. She needed help getting her momentum going. One Saturday, after 8 hours of work it was complete.

Client Text Message Before the Project Started:

I feel like since my husband got sick, the house is running us.

Client Text Message After the Project Started:

Thank you very much! I was so motivated that I did the clothes outside the dressers today!