Elena’s Decluttering & Moving Story

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Small business owner and life coach, Elena Arecco Bridgmon, balances her businesses Epic Life Coaching LLC and Luscious Mother, her family including two tween daughters, her full time job, her parents who live with her, and her friends, hobbies and trying to squeeze some minute form of self-care.

Melissa’s Decluttering & Organization Story

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I contacted Life Easier, LLC to help me de-clutter and get organized in preparation for a new house move. I am 50, had lived in the same house for 17 years, and have a demanding job and parent with long-term illness, so there was lots of declutter work to do. Heidi and her team (Carey and Margaret) did an outstanding job getting me ready to move.

The Thompson Family Move Management

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With very little time and a limited budget, the Thompson family needed move management help. More specifically they needed help getting started and, since it had been several years from their last move, they needed assistance with planning the moving process. Life Easier was able to jump start their move and they were able to take over from there.

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