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Patricia hired Heidi with Life Easier for four hours to jump-start her decluttering process. Not only did Patricia get rid of a ton of stuff that day, but continues to work with Heidi and Life Easier on a monthly basis.

Mrs. M.

Mrs. M was working full time as a corporate executive when her husband fell ill. Years of successful rehabilitation expanded Mr. M’s physical abilities allowing him to go back to work with a little help from Mrs. M.

J. Tsangaris

J. is a stay home mom who moved with her husband and 2 year old while pregnant with her second child to Charlotte. After giving birth, she was struggling with managing her family and giving herself a little “me” time.


D.P. has a full schedule. Besides working a full time job, she spends her evenings working out at the gym, playing in local tennis leagues, and spending time with family and friends at events around the city.